What are some options i can use with the qscript for GetAllRunningJobs

  • 26 October 2023
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I want to filter the output for the qscript to get all running jobs.



Get the list of running jobs (backup, admin, restore) on the clients


qoperation execscript -sn GetAllRunningJobs

script_name :GetAllRunningJobs


The document doesn’t have much details to it.


by OperationType - backup/ restore

by Client - which has %prd% 

or by ClientName - ‘abc001’


Is there a way to achieve this?

where can i get the list of valid options / filters that we can use with qscript. ?

5 replies

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Hi @alligator ,

There is no options to be used, just run this:

You need to qlogin first.

qoperation execscript -sn GetAllRunningJobs


Best Regards,


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@Sebastien Merluzzi 

Thanks for your response

I’m able to run the qscript

but i would like to limit the result from the qscript for restore jobs or to a particular client etc


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That’s all the running jobs. No options to filter, you might be able to copy/paste in excel and filter there.

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i would want to use this in a workflow


this does work , where -format csv the results are generated in comma separated format


Hence i think there could be some way to filter the output 

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ok, perfect.