Workflow - how to change initiating user

  • 14 December 2021
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Hi there,


I have a simple question. How to change "Initiating user" for a workflow.

I am digging through the documentation without success. Do you know it from the top of your head?





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7 replies

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Hi @drPhil , hope all is well!

By default, the WF will run as ‘you’, the person running the WF itself.

However, you can change the executor by using the ImpersonateExecutor activity:

This other page has more security options that might come up for you:

Let me know if that helps!

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Hi @Mike Struening! Thanks for the input.

Now, I am struggling with adding my variable into ImpersonateExecutor activity. Let’s say, the user ’student’ should be the executer of the simple backup job activity. It means, in Commvault it should be written that job was started by  ’student’ even if other user executes the workflow.


However, where to define this variable? I tried everything and changed all values with the name in description.



So, how to force Commvault to start the backup job by the desired user? Where to define this variable?



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@drPhil , you should see the options on the Input tab/

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Hi @Mike Struening, it is really strange. My Insert Variable option is grey.




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Tagging in @Chris Sunderland .  I’m likely missing the obvious!

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Hi @drPhil,

I think there is some confusion here.


ImpersonateExecutor will run the following commands as the person that executed the workflow.
This is useful to change the context back to the workflow executor if it as been changed before.

ImpersonateCreator, is as it sounds, the following activities will be run as the user who created the workflow.

What you need in ImpersonateLogin, this allows you to set the creadentials of the user who will run the next actions.


So to run a workflow as “admin” but have the workflow run a backup as “student” you would want something like this:


Hope this helps,



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Hi @Rob and @Mike Struening ! Thank you for your inputs.

Rob, this is it! Your advice is the right one. When I use ImpersonateLogin activity it works as I need. Everyone can execute the workflow, but the backup job itself is started by the user defined in ImpersonateLogin box. Thanks.