If "Optimized For concurrent LAN backups" enabled on MA speed backup Oracle DB slowdown at 3 times

  • 19 August 2021
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Appreciate you updating us!  I see the incident is still ongoing.

Thanks again, @AKuryanov !

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@AKuryanov , checking this incident again (thanks to @Onno van den Berg bringing thread back up), it looks like this case was archived.

Here’s the archived last step:

Oracle database backup is having a Slow backup performance on Media agent with RHEL 8.

Work so far
-- dev team advised to run backup with pipeline mode
-- added sPipelineMode with value B:P under iDataAgent on client
-- above setting provided expected through put for customer
-- Customer has several client so created a group for them and added pipeline mode to group
-- Additional setting is from client group is now inheriting to individual servers correctly.
-- Customer raised another issue , backup performance is good but compression is not working on client on Red Hat 8 version of MA. ( MA with RH7 shows no issue)
-- Dev stated ,we are 100% sure the compression is happening on the client. But we do see more data transferred over network.
-- Dev advised to check ring buffer parameters on RH8 MA? and to Increase both the RX and TX buffers to the maximum
-- After this change Performance increased from 1.5 TB per hour to 3.5 TB using a media agent running the RH 8 operating system
-- on a media agent with the RH 7 operating system, the performance will increase to 9 TB per hour.
-- Now customer raised that more network interface usage observed with sPipelineMode B:P set ?
-- Dev confirmed that it is known issue
-- Customer confirmed more network interface is observed with out pipeline mode set on client.
-- Logs shows that pipeline mode was used ( cvperfmgr log) even pipeline mode is not configured on client group/ client itself.

Current status (3rd Dec)
Waiting on customer to provide new logs from server ( with increased file version for ORASBT) to check from where pipeline mode is getting configured.

Were you able to move on with this second issue?