Linux File Server Agent is taking 60+ hours to make a synth full rollup each weekend

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I found this thread because our largest Linux File Server Agent is taking 60+ hours to make a synth full rollup each weekend of past week’s 15 (3 daily incrementals, M-F) incremental backups.

I just checked, and our scheduled synth full does NOT have the ‘use multiple-streams’ option checked.

However, you mention that we need to be running V2 indexing on all the clients (file servers and VM hosts alike?) in order to use multi-stream synth fulls?

I can see that my VMware client is only using V1 right now, so I see I’ll need to find the workflow to upgrade that. This entire commvault system was set up originally in April 2018, so I am not surprised I have some v1 stuff here.

But I’m not sure where/how to check the indexing version on my file server clients, which is really where my synth full performance is suffering. Looking under the properties for the client, the agent, and the subclient, is not showing me a “V1” or “V2” option. Thanks for any help you can provide.

(and if you want to move this into a separate topic, that’s fine - but I thought that since the OP Paul and I were both kind of talking about the same thing, it might make sense to keep it together - but I understand and am totally okay with you breaking this question out into another thread.)



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Hi Zach,


there is a report in the store -!/135/663/11353

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@ZachHeise , as you mentioned, I moved it on its own to better track resolution of your issue.

For File system you can see it under the backupset level here:



If they have converted to subclient level index it will be under the subclient properties > Advanced > Index




For a complete answer, for VSA it will be under properties of the VSA Pseudo client.


If you don’t see an index tab, it’s v1.

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Hello - I was able to run the report that @Gseibak mentioned, showing that only a few of my clients are running V1 - an Active Directory agent, 2 MSSQL agents, and the vmware VSA.

According to the chart, this is expected:

Now that I’ve confirmed that I’m running V2 indexing on the file servers, are there any other warnings or caveats about enabling multi-stream synth fulls I should know about before doing so?

If I turn that setting on, but my vmware VSA doesn’t support it, will it cause a problem? Or will it just ignore the multi-stream option and just continue to use a single stream as it has already been doing.

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FS and VSA are grouped together under the same schedule policy? that’s fine, if it’s not supported, it won’t use it.

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Yep, I inherited this commvault setup from another admin. I think they thought “simplicity of schedules” was more important than having separate ones for each type of agent. Thank you for confirming that it won’t break the synth full jobs on clients that don’t support multi-stream; I’ll go ahead and turn it on.

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@ZachHeise please keep us posted! curious to hear more about the results!