Need help in sending snmp traps for backup failures of only few storage policy to a seperate trap server

  • 3 November 2022
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Need help in sending snmp traps for backup failures of only few storage policy to a seperate trap servers


We have current configuration,where all alerts are sent to a trap server

One customer wanted to get alerts only for their servers(shared environment where we backup servers from multiple customer in single commcell) to a seperate trap server.we cannot add their trap server in destination trap as they will recieve all alerts.


Could you please help us how to achieve this.

8 replies

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@prudhvi , welcome to our community!

Here are the docs on this topic:

You can create and configure the alert parameters, then set SNMP as the output.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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currently we have all clients configured for backup failure alert .Alert parameter is snmp trap.we dont want to disturb this.


We want to create a new alert with few clients for backup failure alert,but send the trap to new destination trap host.The new destination trap host should recieve alerts only for this few clients


We have option to setup trap destination on commserve server snmp service but not on application if i add the new destination trap on snmp service,the new destination trap will still recieve all alerts


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Ahh, so you’re saying you want Alert A to go to SNMP Trap server A, and then Alert B goes to SNMP Trap Server B?

Confirm if this is what you're looking for, and I’ll see if it is possible.

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Yes that is correct.Let me know if that is possible

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@bhbekkam , I looked around and do not see any such option.

I would suggest opening a support case and requesting a CMR for this feature.

Once you do, let me know the case number.

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ok.How do multi-tenant customers generally send alerts to different trap hosts.Any other alternatives that you can suggest for multi-tenant environments

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Good question, though I’m not seeing any option.  Contact support who can help you create a CMR (or an alternative).

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@bhbekkam At present we send traps via the OS SNMP configuration for v2 and for v3 use the SNMP v3 configuration in the Commvault Control Panel. The limitation here is that you cannot configure SNMP to send traps to a specific host for a specific client in our GUI. They best you can do is to add the SNMP receiver to the SNMP Configuration and any SNMP alert will be sent to those hosts. The only other option that you have would be e-mail alerts. As this way you can configure the alert to be triggered only by that companies servers and then only send the alert to the specific people who need to know.