Aux Copy Job missing ?

  • 17 May 2021
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Hi, I have a customer with 2 copies :

1-Primary dedup on disk with 66 jobs.

2-Secondary dedup on disk with 133 jobs


He created a copy 3 to replace the secondary but he chose #1 for the source, but there are jobs only in the secondary copy, is there a way to pick the missing jobs by changing the source of copies #3 for source = #2 ? If I change it and run and Aux Copy the missing jobs are not picked ? Or I have to delete the copy #3 and start over !?


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3 replies

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Hey @Marco Lachance !  If you change the source of Copy 3 to Copy 2, then check the jobs (include only To Be Copied) you’ll see if it picks up the full delta.

If it doesn’t, view the jobs that re NOT to be copied.  You can pick the jobs you need and select them to copy via the right-click menu:

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Thank you very much, Mike,

This is exactly what I was looking for !

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Happy to help!