Auxcopy job, one stream

  • 15 September 2022
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I have an Auxcopy Source (HYperscale-X), destination (Hy7perscale). I have max numbers of readers set and multiple mount paths set on the Copy.


I have thousands of jobs in the Auxcopy, yet only one stream gets allocated. 

What am I missing?


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3 replies

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  • # of readers on aux copy job/schedule
  • # of device streams on Storage Policy properties
  • Max parallel operations on each MA (usually wouldn’t be this unless there are hundreds of other jobs running on the same MA’s right now)
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None of those. What I did notice is that the destination copy was not deduplicated (some one has set this up adhoc), when I repointed destination to same storage with deduplication the number of streams improved.

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If destination copy was not deduplicated, did it have combine to stream enabled? If so, it may have been set to 1?