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  • 1 December 2023
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I write backups to an on-prem SAN.  I have a small amount of data on one client that needs to be encrypted to meet a data at rest encryption requirment.

Is there a way to only encrypt data backed up from a singe directory on a Windows client?  Or a single drive on that client?

If not, what is the best option for encrypting my data at rest with the least impact on backup times.  I do not need to encrypt it in transit, just at rest.



Larry Upton 


Best answer by Albert Williams 3 December 2023, 23:53

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2 replies

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Hello @Larry Upton 

The first issue you may hit with needing to encrypt only one clients worth of data is if you are deduping the data. You cannot have half of a DDB with encryption and the other without as it will either ruin the dedup rate or no be secure at all depending on how you cut it. 

The following goes over where to enable it and how to do it:

In your scenario i would use enable it on the storage policy and that can be done here:

Please reach out if you have any issues or question's with the above.

Kind regards

Albert Williams

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Thanks for the response Albert, I never thought about there being an issue with DDB.  I appreciate the doc links as well.