cloud library S3 versioning VS s3 object lock

  • 29 June 2022
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On Public Cloud Architecture Guide for Amazon Web Services document.

On Page 85, Ensure S3 versioning is disabled, Commvault does not support the use of bucket/object versioning (which is
disabled by default). Enabling versioning will cause storage growth and creation of orphaned objects, which
Commvault does not track or manage (see Using versioning in S3 buckets > for information on versioning).
Commvault does not support bucket versioning. Commvault can remove bucket versions created if bucket
versioning is accidentally enabled. An auxiliary copy > of all data in the cloud library will be required to

On Page 77, WORM backup copies
Consider utilizing write-once read many (WORM) storage mechanisms provided by AWS (S3 Object Lock, Glacier
Vault Lock) to provide a protection from ransomware propagation into backup stores. Commvault provides the
Enable Worm on Cloud Storage > workflow to configure cloud and Commvault best practices in one easy step.

I created new S3 bucket: Bucket Versioning can’t be suspended because Object Lock is enabled for this bucket.

If I enable object lock, S3 versioning enabled automatically.  what is best practice to create S3 as cloud library?  we only have chance to select one?


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Hi Xiwen,

You can always set the s3. permissions.

If you are using Hyperscale X product, then please check this link for the relative S3 permissions & object support

This also suits for the generic SW models. Let me know how it goes please.