Cloudian S3 WORM pruning issue

  • 8 September 2023
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There are some posts around this topic but none I could see directly apply.

Running 11.28 we have plan that backs up a large system - once a week - that generally takes days to run in order to get the primary copy to disk.

Once this is completed one of the AuxCopy jobs is to send this to a Cloudian destination as non-deduplicated data into buckets that are utilising object-lock WORM type functionality.

The retention is the same for the Primary and Cloudian copies (14 days).

What seems to happen is that when the retention period of the Primary job has been fulfilled I can see that the media agent is attempting to clean up the objects from Primary disk-based and Cloudian copies however as the Primary job took so long to run (lets say over 2 days) then the Cloudian objects won’t be deleted by the Commvault process as they are retention locked until potentially the same time the next day. Commvault makes no attempt to do an extra tidy up the next day and just errors in the log files saying that the objects cannot be deleted.

This then leaves tens of TBs that need manually cleaning up via lifecycle policies etc. which can also cause other undesired side-effects.

I’m sure this is something relatively easily fixed by modifying retention or delaying the clean-up process but for the life of me I’ve been looking at it for too long! and would appreciate any insights or suggestions.

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If the WORM is enabled at CV end then you will not be allowed to modify the retention. I would recommend logging a case so that we can review the logs and provide a possible solution.