Committed job status with incomplete dataset

  • 3 April 2024
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Hey @all,


I currently have the following problem, for which I could use help:


Since 29 March, I can see in my daily backup report that certain shares of a file server (File Server Agent) have a dark green background and show the job status "committed". Although something is being backed up, the amount of data is very small and the backup is therefore incomplete. However, failed objects are not displayed. It is always only the same shares. Other shares on the same file server are backed up completely. A special feature here is that the file server is unfortunately also the MediaAgent.

I get the following messages in the event details of the committed jobs:

Error occurred in Disk Media, Path [\\x\x\x\CV_MAGNETIC\x] [Insufficient memory available to perform the current operation.]. For more help, please call your vendor's support hotline.


In this case, the x only serves as a placeholder for the path to the backup target.


This is followed by several attempts.
When the job is finished, the following is displayed:


Backup job [x] has been committed. Client [x], Agent Type [Windows File System], Subclient [x], Backup Level [Full], Objects [126547], Failed [0], Duration [05:02:49], Total Size [102.11 GB], Media or Mount Path Used [[x] \\x\x].


I have already restarted the MediaAgent services, both MediaAgent and the disc storage and index still have enough free space. Deduplication is not activated.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be here?
I can imagine that rebooting the MediaAgent (=file server) could help, but unfortunately it can only be booted after consultation, so I'm hoping for some ideas here.

Thank you very much!



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Hi @Pascal K ,


Seems like a memory issue, is there enough memory on MA when job is running or encounter’s an error?


Also would recomend you to log an incident and upload logs to analyse and determine what could be the problem here.