Commvault Deduplication with a deduplicated storage.

  • 2 April 2022
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Hi, Team

Hope we are all doing fine.

I will like to get ideas on a topic.

I have a client who uses Dell EMC data domain as their backup repository and they do not use commvault deduplication at all, they rely on dedup on the storage.. The backups do not seem to flying at the moment. 

I have done CVDisk and the storage is not doing bad.  Also done CVNetwork test and the throughputs are great.

I am suspecting the Storage deduplication is the culprit….I am not able to check the Q & I because it is it not a CV DDB. The storage team cannot really help out to check, as they have no idea of what is going on..

I proposed a new Media Agent to load balance the workload and i will like to know if they can use CV Dedupe for the new storage policies with the same Data Domain storage. The point man says they have a 3TB 10k SAS which is a bit manageable for CV Dedupe.

Please, advise.



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We do not recommend using CV dedupe with DataDomain. If performance of backups are slow, maybe worth checking with EMC support on whether there’s any issues on the DD itself. 


Also check CVPerfMgr logs to see which process is taking the longest time, disk read, network or disk write. Could potentially not be a DD issue at all, rather a problem with your source clients. Since there’s no CV dedupe in place, all data needs to be read for backup every time.