CVODS crashing during DDB Space Reclamation

  • 24 August 2023
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We have a system created policy to perform ddb space reclamation and only 1 of the jobs gets stuck and CVODS crashes on the media agent. Here is what I am seeing in the job logs:


10140 d00   08/23 17:25:58 1104366 JM Client  Request to allocate additiona streams [5], noRunningStreams[FALSE]
10140 d00   08/23 17:25:58 1104366 JM Client  CVJobClient::allocateGenericResource(), The resource request identifier is [Global\1104366_10140_1692836153_WAIT$Global\1104366_10140_1692845100_SHM]
10140 d00   08/23 17:25:58 1104366 JM Client  CVJobClient::allocateGenericResource() - The resource allocation request for job returned ErrorCode[2], ErrorMessage[]

10140 128   08/23 17:33:01 1104366 ConnectGroupInternal: setsockopt failed. Error [0x8007273A:{CQiSocket::SetSockOpt(567)/W32.10042.(An unknown, invalid, or unsupported option or level was specified in a getsockopt or setsockopt call. (10042))}]

In the event viewer on the MA:

CVODS.exe:Failed moving log file


Any assistance is apprecitated.


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4 replies

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Apparently this is a known issue in 11.30 and 11.32 according to support. Will keep posted on the workaround.

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this was fixed by upgrading to the latest service pack for 11.32 at the time

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I have version 11.28.68 and I have the exact error message you reported. I created a job for all MAs (Hyperscale X). What did support tell you?

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@Vincez In his email he says it affects 11.28 as well.
He escalated my ticket to dev to see if there is a work around. I will post here once I know more.