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  • 22 July 2021
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Hello, IHAC who has a NetApp eseries as their disk library. When MA1 writing to a lun fails, the lun needs to be mounted on another MA2 to restore the backups. What is a standard procedure in Commvault that could be used to open the same mount path from a different media agent. From the Commcell GUI one can only create a new mount path. The goal is to be able to restore the data protected to this LUN from a different MA.


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Hello @neuwiesener ,


You could have the LUN mapped to the other MA  and configure that Mount path as Shared, refer to the documentation here:


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@neuwiesener , if you have the LUN presented as a CIF or inc share, then both can access as needed.

If the LUN is a local drive/mount on MA1 and it goes down, then it won’t be accessible, and if MA1 and MA2 both think it is local, you might get data corruption from simultaneous writing.

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@MichaelCapon Netapp eseries provides only block protocols. There is a reference architecture for that. What is the procedure to get access to the data already written to a lun.  The lun/windows volume can be brought back online on a different server. How can we tell commvault to import the mount path. Because whenever a mountpath is created a new folder gets created and it might have a GUID associated with it. 


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Hi @neuwiesener ,

The documentation link provided by MichaelCapon has all the information you need:

  1. install Commvault software on your new MA
  2. re-map LUNs to your new MA
  3. Commcell Console → Storage Resources → Libraries → <your disk library> → <mount path> → Properties → Sharing → Share: select your new MA from step 1; select r/w access; select Local Path: browse for folder on your new MA → OK
  4. (optional) select your old MA and remove it from controllers list
  5. repeat steps 3 and 4 for each mount path in your library

If deduplication is in use, you will need to take care of DDB partitions too:

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Not too familiar with e-series but if it can support active/passive shared storage (from memory these types of DAS units allow two hosts?) you could use windows failover cluster as well to automate the failover. When you ‘share’ a mount path it can also be mapped to a local drive on another media agent.

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Thanks all. I shall try out the steps!