error 13:138 on auxiliary copy between 2 MA

  • 6 September 2021
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I have a problem of auxiliary copy between two media agents with HP StoreOnce
I have a 2*100MB WAN link between the two MA.
I got 13:138 errors but job is still running
See attachments for details
If someone could help me
No firewalling
Firewall is Off on the two MA





Best answer by jgeorges 7 September 2021, 02:42

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Hi @virgil 

The error is telling us that while reading data their was an issue. Not necessarily with the data but my guess would be the tunnel:
“Unable to send the stop data transfer control message to the tail. Failed to establish connection with the CommServe to get the required parameters.”

This could be failing to communicate with the Commserve intermittently, resulting in a stream failing but not causing the entire job to fail. The stream will retry and the job may still complete successfully toward the end.

It could also be that this message was received because an issue occured and the Job was already stopped (Pending, suspended or failed) before the Media Agent managed to gracefully stop all tunnels. This could also be due to intermittent communications, and could be confirmed from the ‘Attempts’ tab on the Job Details.


To know more though, we’d need to dive into the logs and try and get some more information. Recommend reaching out to support to log a ticket and diving in to take a closer look.