Exchange backups. File level backup on the servers and backups of the DAGS.

  • 17 June 2024
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Hello, hopefully i have this request in the proper place and it has not been asked before.

So I have 2 exchange environments because where is the fun in just having one. 

I currently have a 2013 exchange env. running 2013. Dag1

also an exchange 2019 system. Dag2 


My ask is.. We are only interested in backing up the databases within the dags. Which is happening and no issues, but today I was looking at capacity usage and I notice that all the DAGS are part of a multi server setup, and these servers are also doing a file level backup, to me it seems that this is a duplication of backups and I only need the DAG DB’s. can someone confirm this is true and I only need to be backing up the DAG data and not the actual servers that are doing a file level backup as well.


btw, I am using the passive copies in the DAGS.





2 replies

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Hello @CVW 

If in the case your restore plan in the case the entire exchange server is gone is to build a new windows server, install exchange and then restore all the data then you can go ahead and disable the windows backup as it is not needed. 

If you plan to do a full system restore from the backup including the OS then you will need the file system backup to run to collect those details. Most customers do not bother as this restore tended to have issues and its easier and faster to just standup a new server and restore the databases.


Kind regards

Albert Williams

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Hi @Albert Williams .. Great info. I appreciate the response and that was my theory as well. The data is important and spinning up new servers is much more efficient for my company. As from what I was testing when I had my panic attack, it looks like the DAG backups are totally independent of the the server backups. I would be able to free up 15-25 TB just by removing the server level backups.


thanks for the info.


take care