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  • 1 September 2021
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Hi all,

I would like to ask you about utilization of tape drives in the tape library. In our situation, however there are 4 tape drivers in the master pool, the Commvault is choosing only 2 of them. The rest of them is idle. Is there any way to force using the tape drive with the given storage policy? Can be helpful to associate the tape drive with only one media agent, that can only use that tape drive? Is the number of streams a variable in this case? Thanks for any suggestions!


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2 replies

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Number of streams determines number of tapes being used. 

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there are 2 major settings that can influence the number of tape drives in use.

First of all, there is a Device streams setting on the Storage policy. If there is e.g 4 tape drives in the tape library, but only 2 Device streams set up on the Storage policy, only 2 tape drives can be in use. Secondly, the multiplexing factor is an important thing. The lower multiplexing factor is, the more likely there will be more tapes and tape drives in use. The recommended multiplexing factor is around 10.