GridStor for Aux copy with load balancing

  • 22 March 2024
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Hi Team,

I have an environment, need to configure AUX copy with 4 MAs and target is the IBM ICOS(AWS compatible). 

Our plan is, configure the MAs with Gridstor and partitioned DDB for Aux copy. So that, we will get HA for MA and DDBs.


But, I have few query in the plan and looking some expert opinion make the solution more optimal. 


When I configure the GridStor for primary copy, each job will pick the different MA in round robin mode, so all the MA will be utilized.  

But, the aux copy run as single job by accumulating all the available jobs and once the job started it will use same MA. 

  1. In this case how can we utilize all the 4 MA for aux copy to distribute the load?
  2. Do we have any other better way to configure the aux copy with cloud storage with load balancing ?? 







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Hi @Mani

Thanks for reaching out, I would like some help on identifying how it was identified that only a single MediaAgent is used.

Typically in the Job Controller in java console you will see a single MediaAgent in the General Tab in the beginning off the job.

As the job progresses you should see additional streams allocated with the available MediaAgent, for example:



You will need to ensure the following is configured:

  1. All Source MediaAgents have access to the source library
  2. There are a number of jobs with multiple streams to be copied
  3. These settings are configured in the Storage policy


Look forward to your feedback.

Thank you

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Hi @Emils,


Thanks for sharing your inputs, it really helps me.