How do I troubleshoot slow backups or restores coming from or writing to disk?

  • 30 December 2020
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I have general slow performance from my backend storage.  How can I determine the issue on my backend storage?


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Hi shaley,

In the latest releases of Commvault, the job details now includes some basic performance statistics in the form of read, write and network throughput. In cases where poor read or write throughput is affecting overall job performance, you can use the CVdiskperf tool to further troubleshoot your environment.

Check out this video on how to diagnose slow backup or restore operations using the CVdiskperf tool:


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Thanks for the help. But the video does not talk about the location of the tool CVdiskperf. Can you tell us where it is ? Somewhere onto the Commserve Server ?

Thanks for the update.



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Hi @BenGodi 

The tool can be found in the \Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\Base directory..   



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Thank you very much @RubeckDK !

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Hi again,

is there a way to have the meaning of the differents error codes that we can face when running CVDiskPerf ?

Indeed, I have encountered this when running the test on HyperV storages :

ErrorCode :[-322174954]


Google is not returning anything about this.

Thanks again !

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Let me see if we have a list, or at least a source to check.

I also looked into it on google, and there’s essentially nothing.  I believe these are all OS/driver level errors, though I would still expect google to find something.