How to increase streams for DAG backup and restore jobs?

  • 7 December 2022
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Hi all,


I have a DAG cluster and it has 7 TB data. Backup job complate 1 day about. Restore jobs duration time worse than backup jobs duration time(1.5 day about). How can I reduse this times(Backup and restore but restore important than backup)? I tried increase stream number but its not working.


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Good afternoon.  The Exchange Database agent will only allow one stream per database.  There is no way to increase this.  By one stream per database, that does not mean that you will get 20 streams if you have 20 databases, it means that 1 stream will be used to back up each database.  Databases are backed up one at a time.  One way to be able to protect more databases concurrently would be to create several subclients, split the databases between them and run them at the same time.  Each DB being backed up would get a stream.