MA hardware refresh and library mounpath sharing

  • 17 November 2022
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i have to perform OS refresh of some physical MA ( 2 grid of 4 MA). We will upgrade from Windows Server 2012 to 2019.

my purpose is about data availability because our disk libraries are configured with Local LUNs on each MA shared with others via Dataserver-IP option.

The problem is when one MA is unavailable for the upgrade, their mount paths were not readable for the others MA.


I have search in the documentation and i don’t find any uses cases for doing a MA refresh with shared mount paths.


please advice


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Best answer by Shaun Hunt 18 November 2022, 13:41

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4 replies

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Hi Christophe,

So am I correct in thinking that you are looking to do an in-place OS upgrade for two of the existing media agents and that when one is offline the other can no longer see the shared mount paths? I see that you’ve made reference to a hardware refresh do you have new media agents going into the environment? 

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Hi Shaun,

Yes i want to do an in-place OS upgrade for all the media agents ( 2 grid of 4 nodes).

hardware media agent are the same.

and yes when one MA is offline during OS upgrade the mount paths aren’t available for the others media agents.

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Hi again Christophe,

Got you, there are a number of considerations to make when performing an in place OS upgrade on a media agent. The first question I’d like to establish would be whether or not the Commserve server role is housed on either of the media agents you are wishing to upgrade because if so that adds another level of complexity to the situation.

Another consideration is whether the DDB and Index Cache have their own dedicated volumes or are these housed on the C drive?

Alternatively if this is just an OS upgrade for a media agent we have the following documentation that can be located here

Note in particular the following:

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Hi Shaun,

thanks for the answer.

have a good day