Maximum character length and input constraints for Commvault entities

  • 5 April 2022
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Hello All,


I'm working on getting government certification with Commvault 11.24.

I have been asked to confirm the requirements for some entities in Commvault.
 - Confirmation request: 1) maximum character length, 2) Input Constraints

Requirements max characters Input Constraints
User User name    
Server Server Name    
Host name    
Installation location    
BackupSet name    
Subclient name    
Plan Plan name    
Backup destination name    
Customer path    
Copy name    
Snap copy name    
Jobs View name    
Disk Disk name    
Backup location    
Deduplication DB location    



Kim KK


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3 replies

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Good morning.  Are you planning on using local accounts to authenticate or are you going to be using Domain accounts such as Active Directory accounts?

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Hi @Orazan ,

I’m planning on using local accounts to authenticate.


Kim KK

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Hi All,


I tested the length of the max characters for several entities in my test environment.

I don't know if this is correct, but here are the results I tested:

   User name : 200

   Password : 135

   Server Name : 200

   BackupSet name : 99

   Subclient name : 127

   Plan name : 144

   Backup destination name:  64

   View name : over 2000

   Disk name : 56



Kim KK