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  • 13 January 2022
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Hi teams

In the Media Library page under the Media group column, categories are displayed in “monthly” (MENSUELLE in french) section while tapes are annual.
I check scratch pool and storage policies, all is correct.
Any Ideas ?

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3 replies

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@virgil , are the scratch tapes assigned to those media groups after they are used?

It looks like a tape in the Monthly Media Group aged, turned to scratch, and the Annual aux Copy grabbed that tape to write to.

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Hi Jgeorges,


sorry for the delay but the storage policy reserved for this tape is yearly and note monthly… so i don’t understand the tape is assigned to monthly ?


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Hi @virgil 

The media group is the scratch pool the media was/is assigned to.

When the jobs on this tape age out, the media will return back to the ‘MENSUELLE’ group for the next jobs to reserve.


If you check from the Storage Policy, you should see that the Copy that reserved and wrote to this tape is setup using that same Scratch Pool for tape media.


Now i need to find a way to work ‘Mensuele’ into a conversation with my partner to show off my new french words :)