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  • 27 January 2021
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Hello Team, 


Just thought to discuss with everyone, we have lots of medias thats turn into "Deprecated” moved to Retire Pool which are very less usage. 

When am looked the information in Media Properties shows below message,  


When I could see Side information, shows ver less usage info :


As per the default CommVault Media Hardware Maintenance shows as below, 


Here my question is : Whether those medias mark as good and re-use for future its advisible? Can you someone clarifity from MM. 
@Christian Kubik 


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6 replies

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Hello Suharshan,


Media can be marked for read/write errors due to the media itself or the drive having an error. If you know the drive was having errors while using this media, it is likely okay to reset them and mark it for reuse. However, if it was the media itself, it would be best to retire. Generally, it is best to check with the media manufacturer for recommended uses and life cycle and make sure you are not exceeding the recommended usage on the packaging of the media itself.

If you do not know if the drive was having issues, it is best to retire the media to be safe, as data may no longer be readable from it in the future.

If you are seeing a large amount of media with this error, it is likely a drive issue and it is recommended you contact the tape drive manufacturer. 

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Hello Greg, Hope you OK. 

Sure, let me check with Tape Library vendor and keep here updated. 

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Hello Greg, Hope you OK. 

Sure, let me check with Tape Library vendor and keep here updated. 

Hey @Sudharshan Kumar !  Any update from the Tape Vendor?  Want to be sure to mark the Best Answer for posterity :nerd:

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Hi @Sudharshan Kumar,


As Greg mentioned, you should also check the tape drives themselves. See if you can log onto the library web/management interface and look for any errors on the drives themselves. Media retirement is purely based on errors and sometimes these errors may occur quite frequently across many tapes due to a faulty drive itself. There may not be any issues with the media at all.

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Hello @Mike Struening @gjack; Sorry for the late, finally found something find below from Vendor; 

  1. Few Media which is marked as Retired due to reason tape physically write-protected and removed the lock works well. 
  2. Few Media CommVault Marked as Retired Aged Media due to Drive issue, later 2020 drive replaced after not used those media back. I've requested to recall those tapes inserted into the library it's turned into Aged Media. 
  3. Few Media already marked in library management console itself shows Bad Condition vendor suggested not to use anymore.

I hope this helps others. 




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Appreciate you adding the additional helpful detail!