Mounting XFS file system on Linux MediaAgent

  • 11 April 2024
  • 3 replies

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I’ve run into a problem trying to mount a 54.4TB FC LUN presented to a Linux MediaAgent. A single partition was created using the ‘parted’ utility, and then an XFS file system with a block size of 64k was created using the ‘mkfs.xfs’ command. I'm receiving the following message when trying the mounting xfs filesystem.

mount: /mnt/cvstorage: mount (2) system call failed: Function not implemented

Any help would be appreciated.

3 replies


Hi @Joseph Alcala 

I see below answer suggested on ubuntu - Mount XFS partition with < 4k block size - Server Fault.

Please check the memory page size and adjust your xfs block size. see if it helps.

“That's because Linux will allow you to create an XFS partition with large block-sizes, but can only mount an XFS partition that has a block size at or smaller than the memory page size. The memory block size set in all pre-compiled kernels of common distros is 4KB. Check it with getconf PAGE_SIZE. You can set it higher, but it requires compiling your own kernel.”

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Thank you Sachin. I will proceed to check the memory block size.


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The command ‘getconf PAGE_SIZE’ returned a value of ‘4096’ (4k) which from my understanding is the kernel’s virtual memory page size. So, in order to mount and use the XFS filesystem I created with a 64k block size requires a virtual memory page size of at least 64k or greater. With very little experience in tuning the RHEL kernel, I proceeded to do some research and came across a feature called ‘Huge Pages’. This feature was made available starting with RHEL 7. Has anyone used this feature to solve a similar problem like the one I’m experiencing? Thanks!