Moving long-term backups to another library

  • 29 September 2022
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Hello all, 

is there a possibility to move the saved data from one library to another ?
We have two full backups on which we have set the retention until next year. The rest of the backups continue with the normal retention of 30 days and 4 cycles. 
However, I would like to move the backups that need to be retained until next year to our object storage. 
I have already prepared the connection to the object storage. I just need to know how to move the data. 


Kind Regards


Best answer by Urosa 29 September 2022, 15:24

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2 replies

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Good Morning,

You could possible create a  new selective copy for the full backups, review all the jobs to be copy and they can be selected as “ Do not Copy”

If you are planning to use to save additional Full Backups, the selective copy can be configured to automatically extend the jobs base on the type of job or when those jobs run.

If this is a one time protection, the additional aux copy can be disable so the primary jobs are not held for the data aging.

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Hello @Urosa,

thank you very much for the quick feedback.
I will play through the solution via the selective copy. I think that could already be the solution to our problem.

Thank you

Kind Regards