Multipath issue with HPe MSL6480

  • 20 February 2022
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We are struggling to commission an HPe MSL6480 which has 6 drives. Each drive has 2 FC ports which in turn are connected such that port 1 connects to Fabric A switch, and port 2 to Fabric B switch and the HSX hosts are connected respectively. I’ve build and installed the lin_tape control path failover driver. The OS sees a device for each path. Does multipath need to be configured if so, can someone provide the process as linux is not my strength?


Has anyone else installed and configured an MSL6480 and used with Commvault?

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11 replies

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Hi @Dargie , hope all is well!  I moved this to its own thread so we can better track a solution for your exact issue!

Let me reach out to some of our media management folks who can advise better than I, and we can see if our community has any ideas as well!

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Hi there,

Is the question more related to HyperscaleX, regarding howto configure (or is it necessary to) multipathing for such FC tape library ?

or mostly about how to configure multipathing in linux to have only 1 visible device on each host ? 

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We are in a transitional stage where we are wishing to co-exist our legacy Windows MA’s and IBM TS4500 library, with HSX Appliances and a new MSL6480. In all cases with the LTO-7+ Path failover driver installed, each OS (Windows or RHEL) show 4 medium changer devices and 2 tape devices per drive. MPIO on Windows is installed, but I’ve not enabled Multipath in Linux but mainly because I’m not sure how to, or if I need to.

We have engaged with HPe (and CV for that matter), but not making any progress other than to say they believe the library is configured correctly with the Path Failover license.


Really could do with some community help on this one

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Hi @Dargie ,


Well, I do not have any Hyperscale in my environment, so I am sorry not to be able to assist you on this topic.

With the linux physical MAs that I deploy, multipathing has to be configured, otherwise the devices are improperly reported to Commvault software. So, I suppose that this would have to be done also on HSX appliances, as they’re running linux. But, it’s a black box I don’t own.

Let’s see the feedback that Mike can provide on this.


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Talking to some of our Hyperscale folks to see if we can provide any insight.


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Hello @Dargie ,

Multpathd should be running on the HSX. You can check
# systemctl status multipathd

You can check scsi devices with
# lsscsi

Can you double check to ensure the zoning is correct as well. In some cases if can be double zoned. 

Thank you,

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@gjack On HSX, multipath is in deed enabled and running per below, but does it need to be configured???

systemctl status multipathd
● multipathd.service - Device-Mapper Multipath Device Controller
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/multipathd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Thu 2021-12-16 10:51:27 NZDT; 2 months 8 days ago

lsscsi shows 2 devices for each drive ( 5 x lto8, 1 x lto7), plus 4 medium changer devices


FC zoning looks right to me


Here’s what detection looks like within CV. Ignore the IBM library (legacy)


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And resulting correctly detected library using “Add Tape Tape Library” under Storage Resources


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Hi @Dargie !  I spoke to @gjack who suggested opening a case at this time.  Best to have someone look into the environment to see what is happening.

Can you share the case number once you do?

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Thanks @Mike Struening . Incident 220213-99


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@Dargie , thanks!  I’ve reached out to the case owner on my end as well.