Need help Migrating encrypted tapes to EMC s3 storage

  • 13 May 2024
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Hello We have Commvault Recovery environment .


All our Tapes are encrypted using IBM SKLM . Now we are planning to migrate the Tape data to EMC s3 storage to eliminate tape.

What is the steps to need to create a aux copy to migrate the tape data to s3 storage.


How to eliminate the encryption which was enabled on the Tape while migrating through aux copy.




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Hi @Sandy09 ,

Assuming tapes belong to a copy under storage policy, you can create another secondary copy using S3 storage.

You can follow this documentation to create a synchronous copy

Since the tapes are encrypted with HW encryption, reading the data and auxcopying it should automatically decrypt and follow the encryption setting of destination copy.

The encryption from the tape drive devices are transparent to the data flow from Commvault. However, data written through these devices must be restored / read through these devices.