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  • 24 November 2021
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Is there a calculator (or formula) to estimate the required backup storage capacity for Office 365 Backups (Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online & Teams)?

For “normal” backups (File, VMs, Databases) there is such a calculator (Link), but I haven’t found anything regarding Office 365.

How do others run such capacity calculations for Office 365?





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3 replies

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Good question, @ChrisK !

Let me ask around and see if we have anything available (or anything coming around).

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I asked around and we don’t have a similar tool, though my collegaues suggested checking what Azure lists per application and start there:

You might be able to use the calculator anyway as long as you have the other values.

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This info can all be obtained from the Azure portal page. 

admin center, go to the Reports > Usage

There are various reports for usage, sizing, etc which will give you a very close estimate on what total size you are using, it can report on all three of those agents Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

I believe there are even advanced reports that will give you activity that might help determine change rate in your environment to assist with incremental sizing if required.