Prevent reuse tape command line

  • 22 December 2021
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Is there a script that prevents a tape from being reused? 

Only script i found was the mark tape full, but that doesn´t assure me that the tape won’t get used once the data in it expires.

I have around 12k tapes that i need to prevent reuse and doing it via GUI doens’t seem to be very workable.

Any ideas?


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13 replies

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Have you tried qcommand where you can add a list of bar codes and maxime the number of tapes at once?

qmedia markfull -b <barcode(s)> [-af <argsfile>] [-tf <tokenfile>] [-tk <token>] [-h]


If those tapes have been used a while back, I do not think you would have problems with the statement below (2min rule) and so you could potentially just insert them back and start running the command to a list of tapes.

  • This option marks media full, 2 minutes after the completion of the backup/archive operation. If any jobs are initiated within the 2 minutes, they are allowed to write to the media. If the job was associated with the prior media, new media (such as a new tape) will be used for subsequent jobs. (Applies to all backup/archive types.)


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@dude but once the data is expired on that media, it goes back to the scratch pool and i want to avoid that.

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What is the retention configuration you are using on the storage policy for that particular tape job? can you change that?

A bit confused as you want to mark the media full and do not want to write data to it anymore, yet there seems to be a retention period that expires.

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What i need is to prevent reuse of assigned media and to make sure that no data is written on those tapes. I could do prevent reuse 1 by 1, but i have 12k tapes to do that...

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I do not have a written script, I believe qcommand could help or perhaps selecting the media in question and marking as "Prevent Reuse” then moving it to tehe “Overwrite Protect Media Pool”

Overwrite Protect Media

Media Recycling


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So my only option is to go click  1 by 1 on the 12k tapes… ok thank you anyway

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Or you can just select all CRTL + A, Right Click, ALl Tasks, Prevent Reuse. That will work too.


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the barcodes are not sequential unfortunately..

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@jmiamaral , late to the party (was on holiday), though I’d like to help.

Do you have a list of the barcodes in a text file (so you can use command line options to move them to the protected pool)?

I know we have some scripts to modify retention (so you could mass change jobs), so we just need to figure out what data you have (i.e. a text file of barcodes) to see what options we have.

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@Mike Struening yes i have a list with the barcode.

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Let me see if I can get you an answer.  Give me a bit; I’m sure I can find you something!

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@jmiamaral , I spoke to the top developers who own these features, and there is currently no option to do this via command line.

I took the liberty of creating a CMR in your name (341770) and assigned it to your main CommCell.

Unfortunately, that means there’s no option (for now) other then what @dude suggested.

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@Mike Struening Ok thank you.