Problem with media agent

  • 10 March 2023
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Occured today on a strange error:
HP Ultrium 7-SCSI_2 - A SCSI command to the drive is stuck on the active drive controlling MediaAgent.

Id restarted tape libary but this problem is not resovled i assume i need to restart MediaAgent but dont know exacly how anyone can help?

3 replies

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Hi @rutyna 

Did the tape actually stuck on a drive in your tape library? 

I have similar error like yours; my tape actually stuck in the drive of tape library, and Commvault marked that drive as offline. I couldn’t manually eject the tape out. I ended up replace that drive.

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Hi @rutyna, @Orazan, @TD89!

we are facing exactly the same issue as described within the initial post. However, restarting media agent didnt help. Were you able to resolve or investigate further this conundrum?

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Good morning.  Please see this documentation on restarting a MediaAgent: