Reducing data retention (Aux copy)

  • 8 December 2021
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Hi all,


I start on this community, so thanks about all help you can give me.


Near 2 years ago, we make a mis configuration on our infrastucture.

Result : We have datas on Tape, which have bad data retention date.

When I modify the retention date of jobs, I have 2 different behaviors :

  • When I increase retention date : COMMVAULT show the right date
  • When I reduce retention date : COMMVAULT don’t make any changes

Why ?

How can I expect that datas expire at the right date ?


My COMMServe is in 11.24.21


Thanks in advance


Best answer by Fabrice LEFORT 8 December 2021, 16:09

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4 replies

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Use the Forecast Report and specific the storage policy copy with the issue. The report would show updated retention times and reasons why they won’t be pruned. 

Make sure data aging is disabled when making these changes, so it won’t lock anything in if the data aging process runs.

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Thanks Aplynx !


My bad, I asked too fast before testing one thing : running data aging.

After ran Data Aging job, I have the right dates for all jobs and datas modified.


Sorry for the inconvenience


Have a nice day

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Hi @Fabrice LEFORT and welcome !

No problem, that’s also the opportunity to review key notions like this one through this community :wink:

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Absolutely!  It’s why we’re all here :nerd: