Reference Arc HyperscaleX non-routable network

  • 10 August 2023
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Hi Good day!

Environment Details Planned initial:

Commserve: dual home.  has network 10.x.x.x (agent backup) and 172.x.x.x for (VMware)

Network Topology: Bonded LACP

Total Portal on HSX:  2 dual cards 25 GB ports. and 1 ILO/IPMI. Total available port per node is 5 including ILO.

How many nodes: 3

Plan to define only two network DP with CS and SP.

DP/CS Registration: 172.x.x.x 

SP: 192.x.x.x

Present issue:

Customer has non-routable network (10.x.x.x for agent backup DB/SQL) which cannot be routed with DP network mentioned above. This is a reference architecture and HSX can have only one routable network possible.

Does below topology will work, looking for best suggestion:

Topology: Bonded VLAN LACP

DP bond1 has VLAN 100 and 200.

and SP is 192.x.x.x no VLAN.

bond1.100  VLAN on DP for CS Registration and default gateway will mention on this network. (DNS, NTP, SSH, VMware, replication aux copy) all should work using this network 172.x.x.x, it is a routable network. Note: DNS and VMware are on different network but all are routable networks from switch.

bond1.200 VLAN on DP : This is on 10.x.x.x network (non-routable). for agent backup SQL/Oracle. Can we add a static route for this VLAN on all nodes? If possible, is there a documentation available for how to adding that properly.


Can I configure bond1.200 (DP) for agent backup on network 10.x.x.x (non-routable with other network), it is behind firewall and set gateway on this network. Default gateway set in this network.

configure bond1.100 for CS registration (DNS,NTP,SHH, Commserv, VMware, aux copy)  Can I add static route for this VLAN on each node will this work? Default gateway is not set on this VLAN.


If we add one more Management NIC. Again I can only define one gateway on HSX as per the documentation. Please help.

2 replies

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Hi @Comtech 

Kindly setup VLAN 100 & 200 on bond with 100 being routable and 200 used only to connect to SQL Agents on 10.x.x.x

You can create a route-bond1.200 and add static routes if needed.

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Hi Anwar, Thanks for the response.

The link you provide is for Tagged VLAN with Bonding and Management. This require additional management interface. We don have additional NIC.


Below comes under Tagged-VLAN and Bonding. Will this work after adding static routing to bond.200 as you suggested above?

Bond1.100 can do all Management and Data Protection functions? DNS,SSH, NTP + Backup/restore

Bond.200 can add static routing right? backup/restore if Agent backups SQL, oralce, FS etc..