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  • 13 August 2023
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HI All,


We have introduced Exagrid storage system as our backup storage solution, after the implementation we have noticed that the restore job is taking longer time than the expected one.

We used Netapp as storage solution before Exagrid and also at the current setup with Exagrid we have enable the dedupe in both CommVault and Exagrid as well.


How to identify where is the bottleneck. We have enabled the encryption and compression also in the Exagrid system.


3 replies

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Hello @Nik14 

Thanks for your query.

Kindly view job details and share snip of the details tab.

Here, it should give an overview of which process is consuming most of the time (read, network, write)

Also, there are specific logs which can help us find the bottleneck, that depends on the kind of restore job it is.


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HI Tanuj,


Kindly find the attached screenshot.


In the distributed system it showing read speed is more but when the support team ran the disk performance test, they have mentioned that the read speed is fine.

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Hello @Nik14 

Thanks for the update!

Since this is for a restore job performance issue, and from the snip shared it seems read performance from the backup storage location is the bottleneck.

To validate the same, we need specific logs to check the performance statistics.

Can you verify if CVPerfMgrRestore logs are available for this restore job id ? They should be available on the media agent under log directory.

Also, Disk performance test was run on the Media Agent ? Can you please share the output of the test ?