Restores from Azure Cloud Storage

  • 7 July 2022
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Our client ask me how restores from Azure cloud storage works when data is located on cool tier and on archive tier on Azure.

We have tested the archive tier first. We copied the data to the cloud archive storage, and performed an restore for a database. We selected only one (of many) database which should have size lower then 10GB, but the full job backup size is 8,5TB (Size of application) - Recall archive workflow is working for 3days and completed only 30% - is it recalling all 8,5TB of data from archive storage?

And how it would work if we use a cool tier cloud storage - when data is phisically available (online). If we copy a job which have 8TB and we will perform an restore only for one database (~10GB) from this huge backup - will it download all 8TB of data or will only choose this chunks which actually contains the data of this small 10GB database?

Thanks in advance for help :)

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Best answer by Mateusz Slezak 28 July 2022, 16:03

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4 replies

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@Mateusz Slezak , I’m looking into this for you.  I would expect that we’d recall only the files we need, though the database API might diffe.  

Is this MS SQL or Oracle (or another db)?

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Hello Mike,

Thanks for answer :)

It is MS SQL instance, with a lot of DB’s.

But we request to restore only one of them (around 10GB).

We killed this job anyway - it was running 4 days and it had less then 40% completed.

Thanks :)



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Hello @Mateusz Slezak.


Could you please clarify about the iDA in question, is this a SQL instance, SQL 365, VSA mounted SQL, or WFS flat file DB backups?


Depending on which this is, it will affect the way the recall is run.





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Sorry for delay response, but we have killed this job and changed cloud storage configuration.

Thanks for your help.

Have a nice day!