Restoring data from Secondary to Primary site when Clients cannot directly access secondary site

  • 31 May 2024
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I have two sites, Primary and Secondary. Withe Auxcopy to the secondary site which is stores the only long term retention copies. We have firewalls in place so only the clients can only see the servers in the site they are in.

This causes a problem when I am trying to restore long term retention data from the Secondary site to the primary site. We have a work around of Auxcopying data from Secondary to Primary site but would like a more elegant solution.


I think there is a method where I can use a media agent in my Primary site to proxy my requests to the Secondary site to do these recoveries but cannot work out how.


Any solutions appreciated.

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This needs to be a simple tick box! 

At a very high level, you would need to apply “Advanced” Network Route Configurations to: 

  1. Your Primary MediaAgent, enabling the "This computer is in DMZ and will work as a Network Gateway" option. This will allow you to select that MediaAgent as a Network Gateway (proxy). 
  2. Your Secondary MediaAgent, setting Incoming Connects from the Client as Blocked, and configuring an Outgoing Route to your Client, with Network Gateway as the Route Type, and the Primary MediaAgent set as the Remote Gateway. 

I highly recommend using Client Computer Groups to set these kinds of rules, and only adding Clients on an as-required basis.