Separate T-Log from copy to Auxiliary Copy

  • 25 August 2021
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Hi All

i have a question for the expert's :) 

we using Metallic Storage for secondary copy.

we backup SQL Instance’s there, with T-Log (lot of jobs) and Daily Full.

i want to ask if i can somehow to exclude only the T-Log from going to the Second copy.

i want only the Daily Full will go to the Auxiliary Metallic Storage.

is it possible? (without create a new policy of course).


thanks in advance 


Best answer by Sunil 25 August 2021, 12:23

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5 replies

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Hi @Avior 

Did you try selective copy? You can copy only the FULLs (all fulls, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc) using the selective copy to the second copy.





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Hi Sunil, thanks for your response.

the thing is that:

  1. Primary Copy include SQL and vMware subclient that contain few machines.

and from that subclient we need to incremental and the full if i will use the selective copy option it will not take the incremental’s


  1. there is a way to edit current Secondary copy? because the Selective Copy is greyed out and i cannot touch it , even if i want edit it.



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Hi @Avior,

1: The selective copy doesn’t help if you need incremental backups also to be copied. In your question you mentioned you need the daily fulls, so the selective copy option is appropriate for it.


2: You can edit the current secondary copy. You need to select the “Selective copy” check box in the General tab to enable the Selective copy tab.




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thanks again Sunil  


and for to original request..there is a way to exclude all the T-Log from Auxiliary copy without create new storage policy?


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We can associate a different storage policy for log backups which doesn’t have a secondary copy to Metallic storage.

I am not aware of any other way. May be there exists but I’m not aware.