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  • 14 June 2022
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Hi guys,


We are implementing an Air Gapped DR site, so the DR site only receives an offline copy from the main one through aux copies.

For aux copies, we only disabled their schedule from the “System Created Autocopy Schedule” and created a new specific schedule which start the aux copies to the DR site after the blackout window.


Since the DR MAs and Library are only accessible during the Air Gap window, I was wondering if rescheduling the remaining system created jobs (DDB Backup, DDB Verification, DDB Space Reclamation, Data Aging) to the Air Gap period doesn’t cause any issue when running at the same time with the Aux Copies (Our Aux Copies use Deduplication).


I know that, when running the DDB Backup jobs, this may cause issues with Aux Copies as of the screenshot below :


So my question is, is it possible to launch all the previously listed system jobs at the same time with Aux Copies without any issue, or, is there any precedence between all of them ? Like, the DDB backup has to be started after Aux Copies ?


Thanks in advance :)


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2 replies

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Thanks a lot @Collin Harper for your clarification.


I have one more question regarding these system created jobs, is there any way to launch the jobs through workflows ? I manage to create a workflow that launches the DDB backup of my MAs, is there any possibility to do the same with Data Aging, DDB Verification and DDB Space Reclamation ?


If it’s possible, it would be way easier to cascade all the jobs one after the other.


Thanks again for your support

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Hello @Commvault Engineer,

You may run into performance issues since the verifications & reclamations could be read intensive on the storage. The DDB back up should be fine as the quiesce is only a few seconds while a snapshot is taken, then we backup from the snapshot so we don’t have to touch the live DDB. Data aging shouldn’t cause any issues since its a logical operation of clearing data from the database. Physical aging of the data happens (IIRC) every 1hour on the MediaAgents which combined with the verifications and reclamations, could add to performance issues with the storage. Adding aux copies on top of that would add even more strain to the storage.

Simply, if your storage can perform well under very heavy workloads and the MediaAgents have enough resources you shouldn’t have any issues but from experience this may cause performance issues with the storage.