Unable to add network disk storage

  • 15 September 2022
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We have CV 11 .24.56 and using Dedupe.  We already have this Disk Library setup and were using 60% of the library but now we wanted to add another mount path and use the other 40% because no one ever used the storage space!  I cannot send screenshots so I will try to explain. 

We have a Primary site (Pri-1) and an Alternate site (Alt-1) and Commvault copies the data to the Pri-1 Disk Library and then we do a Dash Copy of the data to the Alt-1 Disk Library so we have 2 online disk libraries one at each site and the libraries each have their on Folder or Mount Path and we have Global Dedupe policies one setup for the Pri-1 Library and another Global Dedupe setup for Alt-1 Library. (This is how it was setup by installer).   

My issue is that when I went to add the extra storage I was able to add the storage as a new Disk Library with a new Mount path successfully.  The libraries show up in Commvault as Alt-2 and Pri-2 under the library.  I then was able to add this second  Primary Data site Pri-2 to the Data Path of the Primary Global Dedupe Policy and then add this data path to the Storage Polices so the first one worked. In the Storage Pools you can see that this disk library is added Pri-2 under Storage as another Mount Path.  But when I try to add the Data Path for the Alternate site library Alt-2 I keep getting the error: 

“You cannot configure failover candidates on this storage policy copy for one or more of the following reasons:  1. Other data paths are not available

  1. If the copy is a deduplication enabled copy, the Media Agents in the data path list must have access to the libraries that you want to add
  2. If the copy is a dependent copy, refer to the global storage policy data paths for configuring new data paths.

I can tell you the media agents have access and the data or Mount path is available.  And if I look at properties on the Global Dedupe policy both the Primary and Alternate policy have dependent copies listed.  Any help would be appreciated.


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3 replies

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Hi @SteveM 

Just to see if I understand correctly.

You want to expand the existing library capacity for your existing storage policy configs?

If so, I do not see the need for additional libraries and adding data paths to the Storage Policy / Global Dedupe Policy.

Why not right click the existing library and select Add Mount Path, browse to the local path or enter the UNC path and voila your done. This will work for a standalone library config and for storage pools, the latter includes your Global Dedupe Policy copy config.

Or am I misunderstanding what you are trying to achieve?

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Yes, that will work.  Thank you for the reply!

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Your welcome @SteveM 🙂👍