VTL to VTL migration

  • 20 September 2022
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I have an old InfiniGuard VTL that is replicated to a new InfiniGuard VTL and I need to decom the old one.  

Is there a way, with CommVault down, to uninstall the medium changer and drives and install the new medium changer and have CommVault recognize the new VTL as the old one?  The replicated VTL has all of the same barcodes.


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11 replies

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Configure the new library as a new one and change data path on the storage policy copy, export and import media, de configure the old library:


"First you must change the data path from the CommCell Console.


This operation logically changes the data path For the associated media within the CommServe database.


Next you must physically move the media from the source library to the destination library.


It is strongly recommended that when you move the media, you use the CommCell Console to export the media from the source library and immediately import them in the target library.


In the case of tape library, the new library may read the barcode patterns differently. In such a situation, update the media barcodes to use the media in the library. See Update Media Barcodes for more information.




Change Data Path (right-click option) should not be performed on Storage Policies with Storage Policy Copies that have Alternate Data Paths (GridStor). If Change Data Path is performed on such a setup, data recovery operations can be performed from the media. However, subsequent data protection operations will not re-use the migrated media."




Not sure though how this will respond to already replicated VTL data.

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Thanks Jos.  That’s what I was trying to avoid though since the data is already replicated.  I would essentially be re-copying PBs of data and would take a very long time.  

What about deleting the old VTL adding the new one and then somehow import the tapes into the DB?

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Wait, just to check before we dive into things, where would you copy PB's of data.

Export and import of media only implies the movement of the tape object, this is no tape to tape copy or aux copy process. It's only the logical relation between tape and library which is being altered.

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VTL1 has media ids C0001...C9999 with 10PBs of data

replication target VTL2 then has the same media ids C0001...C9999 with 10PBs of the same data

so I don’t think I would be able to import VTL1’s media into VTL2.  Correct?

There would have to some type of physical copy of the data like an Aux Copy into an empty library.  

I’m trying to find a way to get the already replicated media into CommVault without physically copying the data again.

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If a new VTL config is presented as a library and tapes are discovered by Commvault then I think you will have a possible issue.

But it seems to me that when you delete all discovered tapes from the new library (they are not catalogued in this stage yet) and then export the old vtl tapes and import them into the new library it will adopt the media and content just fine, but to be honest this needs to be tested. Would be a shame if your work would be undone in a few clicks 

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Thinking a bit more about your initial question, a replicated vtl should have the same serial number etc. Wondering if you can simply de-configure the old vtl on the media agent os, reconfigure the new vtl on the media agent os. Then perform an detection in the expert storage section, will it adopt it automatically as a replacement 🤔

Then there would be no need to migrate tapes as the configuration still identifies it as the same device, only the hw addresses are changed.. 🤔

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That is what I was initially hoping!  Bottom line is I will have to test it.  Thanks for your time Jos.

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Should be fine to test the latter strategy, as long as you don't de-configure the old library config from Commvault perspective.

If possible please share your results, interested to hear your experience.

You're very welcome 🙂


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So the answer is no.  CommVault sees it has a whole new library and takes the old library offline.

I’ve also tried cataloging the new VTL tapes but it is failing as well.  Not sure why and can’t figure out which logs it wants me to review.  I suspect it’s because of duplication media ids. 

Gonna sleep on it...

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Mmz ok, too bad this didn't work.

Will sleep on it too 🤔🤔

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My next thought is to delete the VTL1 library and media and then try the catalog on the new stuff.  This is test data so no real harm there.  Thoughts?

Also any idea where and what logs to review for the failed catalog jobs?