Waiting for send queue to get emptied.

  • 2 December 2022
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Hi all,

one question about DDB Verification jobs.

The verification jobs for one of our DDBs takes quite a long time, usually a matter of days. When I check the ScalableDDBVerf.log file I see many messages like this 


WARNING - Waiting for send queue to get emptied. Curr Size [200]


Should I consider this a symptom of a problem?


Thank you in advance



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3 replies

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we have a local technical support company so it looks like I can’t open a support case directly to Commvault. We’ll what they say about this topic


Thank you


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Hi @Mike Struening , all is fine, thank you!

Currently we have it 642 times in less than one hour, quite different from your internal database 😮


I’ll check with the support soon and will let you know


Have a nice day

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Hi @Gaetano , hope all is well!

I looked in our internal database for this error and it only shows up 4 times….3 from 2016 and 1 from 2019 (and the fixes were rather specific or old patches you’d have by now).

I would suggest going right to support to have an engineer do a deep dive.

Let me know the case number once you do so I can track it.