• 18 June 2021
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Goodmorning family pls am kind of new to commvault, Now my question is what happen once AUXCopy has been copy to tape will data on media server  backup still remain?

and if it remain then can i manually delete those data on it? because most of the mounth path luns has been fill up waiting for ageing to effect and the rate by which our data increase is too fast because is a big environment.


i check our VM retention policy is set to 30day


am thinking if it less risky to manually delete some data off from this disk

note we have 5 HQ media server with 80TB each with 10TB each LUNs 

2 DR media servers also.


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3 replies

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Great question, and welcome @Tinket !

The best way to think of this question is: what is causing my Primary Copy jobs to remain on media?

For that, we look at Data Aging and retention rules:

  1. First, check your days of retention.  Is the full and its related Incrementals 30 days old or older?  If yes:
  2. Check your cycle count.  Do you have at least that many newer fulls for this subclient?  If yes:
  3. Have any aux Copies that require this job copied it fully?  If yes, then the job should prune

That’s a lot to check, so we have a VERY handy report called the Data Retention Forecast and Compliance Report.  you can run this against your disk/LUN library, or for specific Storage Policies/Copies and you’ll see EXACTLY why these jobs are not pruning.

Can you run that report and share back why the oldest jobs are not pruning?

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Also, here is a post with a link to a video:

VERY helpful!

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Thank you Mike.