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  • 8 June 2022
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Hi guys,


In order to configure hardware WORM beside commvault’s WORM, we found this note "If you have multiple storage policies/copies created using the cloud storage pool, make sure to set the same number of days as retention in all the copies." under the link below :


Does that mean that all the secondary copies that have to be stored on the WORM storage have to have the same retention ? It got me a little confused. Since in our case, from each Storage Policy we will create a new copy that will be saved to the WORM Storage, do we have to assign the same retention to all the newly created copies ?


Thanks in advance


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2 replies

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Thanks, Niall, for your help.

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If all those Storage Policy copies are using separate Storage Pools (DDBs/Libraries) then you can define different retentions on your worm copies.

But if all the Storage Policy copies are sharing either a Global Dedupe Policy and/or a Cloud Library then the retention should be set to the same.

If you don't follow this guideline then you will experience issues around data aging, or more to the point pruning and in turn consume more storage than you would otherwise expect to,