Intellisnap vs VM backup

  • 21 February 2023
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Hi Team,
in my environment, i have backup SAN & NAS for remote site using IntelliSnap.
This is totally different country where using different network ISP.
The Snap backup will come to secondary storage first(AUX Copy) before backup to Commvault Storage(Backup Copy).

Another site, we run normal SAN backup(without IntelliSnap), where the plant just away about 5km(Direct backup to Commvault Storage).
For SAN we using IntelliSnap. 

My Question:
1. Can we skip the secondary storage for Aux copy and direct backup to Commvault Storage? (with / without IntelliSnap) for remote site? What are the disadvantages? 

  1. Do we call the VM backup without IntelliSnap is VSA backup?
  2. As per my understanding, the normal VM backup will wait for each snap to finish backup and remove at last. it may take longer time for remote site and impact the Real Time backup.
  3. If create IntelliSnap snapshot and backup to Commvault storage directly, does it need host to mount from local snapshot storage? 

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Hi @Raj Balaraj ,

I assume this is VMWare.

  1. It depends where you take the Snap and then Backup Copy to, if this is done from/to different sites, then Snapshot Copy first would be faster, then you Backup Copy.            ex:
  2. You will also find VMware streaming backup in our documentation.
  3. You can check our documentation:
  4. You can check our documentation:

Let me know if you have any questions please.

Best Regards,