On-prem Proxy for Amazon EC2 VMs

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Hello, Team.


I have a customer whom i deploying commvault for.

They are looking to backup Amazon EC2 Instance Virtual Machines and also some Hyper and EXSI vms (on-prem).

I have given them requirements to have the proxy which will also serve as a media agent on Amazon for the cloud VMs (VMs are scattered across different regions(it would have been if they had 1 proxy for each region)). and also a proxy on-prem for the EXSI and Hyper-V.


Customer is saying cost for another VM on the EC2 instance is high. They want to use On-prem server as proxy and Media agent for the EC2 instance.

Is that ideal? Looking forward to your responses.


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Ideally, if you have a cloud based library, you should have a cloud based Media Agent.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with egress costs for sending the data to the Media Agent (on-prem) that will exceed the cost of a cloud based MA.

Let me know if that confirms what you already suspected.

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Thank you, @Mike Struening 

It does confirm it…….I have concluded with them that they need to have the cloud MA. Sad part, no VPN connection from on-prem to the cloud.


@Mike Struening hope you are a part of the Partner Connect currently ongoing😁

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Ha!  I’m not, but I bet there are some amazing people attending 🤓