VM Backup Definition Suggestions

  • 18 March 2023
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Hi team,

I need a recommendation for our vmware backups.
Our situation is as follows;

Definition 1: With DefaultBackupSet, we back up approximately 1000 VMs with a large number of subclients every day with incr and on weekends with Synthetic Full.

Definition 2: With another BackupSet, we are backing up VMs with 1 tag in Vcenter every Friday. There are about 2500 VMs. Jobs work as incr on Friday, we can't run full because backup takes too long. We shorten the time by taking incr and Synthetic Full works after the subclient is finished.

Both types of backup are done with NBD, not suitable for our SAN and Hot-add environment.
We use 10 virtual proxies in total.

Since backups working with Definition 2 start incr, if it has a new VM tag, it automatically converts to Full. If there is a VM backed up with both definitions, it continues as Incr.

Now the config made here may be wrong, but I need this, what do you recommend?

- As in Definition 1, I have to back up about 1000 VMs every day.

- As in Definition 2, I need to back up 1 VM tag once a week, which is about 2500 VMs.

1 reply

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This is incredibly confusing, what is it that you are trying to accomplish?