Convert client computer to virtual machine

  • 11 June 2024
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Hi All,


Commvault indicated in the documentation how to virtualize the  physical machine

but I still have a question about the behavior after virtualization

The Windows client is planned to be virtualized and has iSCSI disks connected.

After virtualization and connecting these disks to the virtualized machine, will it be necessary to perform a full backup?

The same disks with the same data will be on the virtualized machine.

Will Commvault maintain continuity of backups in such a case? 



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4 replies

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Hello Kago,

If the machine is virtualized and if the same exact client that was previously on the Commserve, then the next backups will run as there has been no changes.


If during the VMe configuration, you selected the clone option, then a new client entity was created and the first backup will be a full.



Shawn Haley

Commvault Support, Tier 2 Client

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Hello Shawn,

Thank you for all the information

For the case of conversion to a virtual machine:

When I select View -> Job history, should I get listed all backups created for the new (virtual) but also for the original (physical) machine?

And if this is the case, I understand that incremental backups will continue without the need to perform full backups.

The documentation mentions the possibility of changing the name of the converted machine to something other than the original one. Does this have any impact on the operation of backups?


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Hello Kago,


Regardless of Virtual or Physical, if the new VM is the created as the same machine, then the history would all be under the same client on the CS.  There will be no difference.  If you clone the machine, then the old history will be under the original client, and the new backup history under the cloned client created.




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Hello Shawn,

Thank you very much for explaining this topic