New vcenter added - full backup copies VERY slow

  • 12 August 2021
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We’ve added another vcenter client to our commcell and it’s full backup copies are running very slow - 20-30GB/HR.

Infrastructure is 10GigE on AFF300 SAN with SSD disks.

When I run a backup history I only see the snap jobs, and I’d iike to compare both vcenters backup jobs for throughput - - how can I see more than just snap jobs?



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Hey @Smartodd - if some backup copy jobs are completed you can view those jobs on the primary copy in the storage policy (not the snap primary).


Few things I can think of ...

Can you see which transport mode is being utilized (scroll to the right in Virtual Machine Status). Best guess is that its using NBD mode and routing the data through a sub-optimal vmkernel interface. If you are using NFS, you can also hit an anomaly where the first full backup runs slow because NFS does not track unallocated blocks - so we end up reading and discarding all the free space (so the throughput looks bad).

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Hi Smartodd, 

you can also view from VSA subclient level.

Right click on subclient and select Backup History option and in advance option, select ‘include backup copy and catalog snapshot jobs’ to view both snap and backup copy jobs.


Please make VSA proxy is physical and has login/access to storage array to use ESXi proxyless backup copy or SAN mode backup copy, else it will use nbd mode and backups will be slow. check which transport mode its using in that job.

BOL page for SAN and other modes:

with given screenshot, can see VCSA getting protected in that. is that same one as virtualization client which is getting used to start this snap/backup copy then move that to different subclient and protect when no other jobs running.