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I’ve configured a Virtual Server Backup and i’ve run Create VM Clients on the deafult subclient, after that all the VMs have it’s own client with the backup set.

That backupSet already have backups and I cannot delete it.

Do you know hoy can I delete the backupset generated on the VM Clients?

Thak you so much in advanced.


Best answer by Ilitia 17 May 2023, 11:41

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Hi @Ilitia,

Can you hide Virtual machines in User preferences > Client Computer Filter and uncheck “Show Virtual Machines” instead?

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Hi Sebastian, 

Thanks for your quick response, I’ve already looked up to that option but we don’ t want to loose the capability to see the Virtual machines, the problem is the backupsets, for example in the following screnshot:

 The VM has backup on the backupset “Test” and the Test2 backupset is created by the “Create VM Clients” I junt want to remove the Test2 backupset.

Also I can’t delete any backupset from the Virtual Server because it has backup from another VMs.


Besr Regards.

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I see, there is no other option then.

Now you can disable Virtual Machines at Client level and still see them at Group level.


You can also see the VMs under Agents at the bottom of the screen.



Or just log a case with Support and we will check. 

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I have found the CMR 372954 matching your request.

Same way we can create a Backupset:

Similarly we need to document on deleting a backupset.

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We’ve opened a case and we can do the trick via rest api.

With the backupset ID we can detele them.

Best regards.