Validate VM Backups?

  • 17 May 2021
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Hi, I’m actually setting up this feature at customer sites,


It’s working fine for now, but I have a question regarding enabling this feature on a subclient with hundreds of VMs ?

Is there a way to limit the number of concurrent VMs, to do X amount VMs concurrently until there are done ? To limit resource usage on the ESX Hosts.


I tried the option Use source VM ESX to mount or to use a Recovery target option to limit the number of VMs to X but ?


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2 replies

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Hi Marco,

By default, 5 VMs will be validated concurrently. will pick 6th VM once one of those complete validation and moves on with rest.

From FR23, this option is configurable too. if you are planning to increase that ‘maximum number of threads’ for validation, make sure 3dfs cache running on SSDs for faster recocvery.





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@Gopinath thank you for your quick answer.